The Magic Pudding

The Magic Pudding miniatures

The Magic Pudding sculpture, by Louis Laumen, is a centerpiece of The Ian Potter Foundation Children’s Garden at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne.

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of The Magic Pudding storybook, the Melbourne Prize Trust, under copyright authority from the Norman Lindsay Family, has released a limited edition miniature of Laumen’s landmark Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne sculpture – please see an example in the above photo.

The miniatures are plated in burnished sterling silver and hand-crafted by Fundere Fine Art Foundry Melbourne. Each miniature has a centenary stamp (1918 – 2018), edition number, copyright mark and is signed by Laumen’s sculpture.

The miniatures are exclusively available through Readings in Melbourne and are $4,925 each, including GST, postage and handling. Made to order, the edition is strictly limited and once sold out there will be no more.

Order your miniature

Please click here to order a 100th anniversary miniature through Readings.